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Ningbo Oasis Garden Products Co., Limited is a professional supplier of GARDEN products and AGRICULTURAL IRRIGATION items. More than 6 years’ manufacturing and trading experience, we are your best one station choice for garden and irrigation.      


Garden products including: Pest Controls, Birds Care, Garden Watering items, Flower Pots & Seed Trays, Garden Accessories, Garden Decoration, Garden Tools, etc. Most of them are exported to European countries, including UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Russia, Holland, Portugal, Germany, Poland, etc. And also exported to USA and Australia,  Our rapid reaction to the change of market trends helps our customers gaining more market shares.


Irrigation products including: Sprinklers, Drip Irrigation, Micro Irrigation, PP Compression Fittings for PE pipes, Clamp Saddles, Ball Valves, Pipes and Hoses, Filters, etc. Main markets are North Africa such as Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco..., South Africa countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe..., West Asia countries as Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Israel...,  South East Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine, Vietnam..., South Asia including India, Bangladesh... Also many European countries such as UK, Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova... American and South American countries including USA, Canada, Ecuador, Columbia,Chile, Brazil...and Austria. Our water-saving irrigation products help crops high yields with very limited water and labor.    


We strive to provide our customers with a quality, innovative, competitive and extensive product line, to meet your customers’ needs, this is our mission. And integrity and responsibility enables us sound growth. We welcome and value every enquiry from all over the world.